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Chip On Board Service

COB Service (Chip On Board)
Chip On Board is a technology to put a bare Chip-IC that is mounted directly onto the printed circuit board (PCB). After the wires are attached, a glob of epoxy is used to cover the chip and its connections.

Supported Capabilities

Type of machine

Ultrasonic Cleaning

  • Rungthai RM4012 x2
  • KLN 326/501 x1

Die attach

  • TRESKY T-3001 x4
  • Manual Die attach x4

Wire Bond

  • ASM AB509 x8
  • KULICKE& SOFFA K1472 x1 (Manual Wire Bond)
  • ASM AB559A x1
  • ASM AB559 x5


  • PANACOL KD27000 x 1
  • Manual Coating x5

Board size

  • Largest size: 10 x 30 cm

Placement speed

  • Chip :12,500CPH
  • IC :3,290CP

Annual Capacity: 

  • Upon number of wires per unit


COB Process  


Testing Procedures

We perform multiple quality assurance procedures before shipping out any board. These include:

  • Functional test (test modules need to be supplied)
  • ICT (in-circuit test)



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