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Bus technology (Innovation in more intelligent transport systems)

Our response to the challenges

The major challenges of the bus transport sector revolve around two main pillars: on one hand, optimizing operating costs, and on another, improving service quality as regards punctuality and passenger information. Smart transport systems are a foundation upon which to address these challenges.

By constantly innovating in technologies, Indra responds to all requirements of smart transport systems through onboard equipment and services and at BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) stations.

Our business model is erected upon two product lines, which our clients may require jointly or independently, such as ticketing systems and operation assistance systems (OAS).

Design, implementation, operation and maintenance

One of the sector’s particularities is the diversity of its clients, generally grouped into two types, public clients (authorities responsible for providing transportation services across different geographic settings, municipal, regional and national) and private clients (authorized companies operating vehicle fleets ascribed to public concessions). Both client types must carry out their activity by considering the logical sequence of their needs throughout the entire value chain and life cycle. This is why the design phase is especially important for planning and calculating the real volume and capacity as well as for defining the operating model.

Our experience in the mobility sector, and specifically in this niche, allows us to develop comprehensive systems that integrate and resolve the particularities of our clients' product or service lines from start to finish. The solutions we offer include associated equipment and services for design, implementation, operation and maintenance. This familiarizes us with the impact of all processes and requirements of these types of operations, and together with our ample practice, simplifies their use throughout all project phases, increasing efficiency.

Experience in projects across all geographies

Within the public passenger transport management field, Indra operation assistance systems (OAS) and ticketing systems manage over 14,000 buses worldwide, with references worth mentioning in USA, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Poland, Portugal or Spain.

To date, our clients include the Consorcio Regional de Transportes in Madrid, ATM in Barcelona, Consorcio de Asturias EMT in Madrid, Valencia and Palma, Provincial Government of Guipúzcoa, Lurraldebus, dBus municipal transport in San Sebastian, Regional Government of Extremadura, Grupo Alsa, Grupo Avanza, Grupo Monbus, Grupo Daibus, Grupo Ruiz, Grupo ADO Mexico, Medellín Metro in Colombia, CAT Savannah USA, and municipal buses in Wroclaw Poland and Braga Portugal.

Indra projects most recently underway in cities such as Kuala Lumpur or Medellín move toward intermodal transport models, integrating the management of multimode transport, including buses.

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